Where and How I Travel

Hellooo! Welcome! I’m Lindsay, and tourism is one of my favourite things to study and do. The journey began at a 18 months old, and I haven’t stopped since(ish). As the time elapsed, I collected a second citizenship (thanks for being born in the UK, dad!), passport stamps from 30+ countries, a BA in Geography, a Master’s in Tourism Management, and a massive travel obsession. I also possess a penchant for maps, cheese+port, Oregon pinot noir and New Zealand Marlborough sauvingnon blanc, a soft spot for sushi, a mad crush on Colin Firth, a hopeless love of my Toronto Maple Leafs, and a bad habit of falling asleep anywhere (mostly comfy couches).

Heading to England at a year and a half old — don’t forget me!

What you’ll find with this blog is that I’ll talk about anything and everything to do with travelling and tourism. This blog is meant to reflect some of my travel experiences and ideas that I want to pass on as a suggestion of how to approach travelling. The way I tend to travel is middle of the road. I don’t like to live my life by a guidebook, but I’m also not constantly trekking through uncharted territory – I’m somewhere in between. Same with accommodation, destinations, and activities. With me, balance is the name of the game. I’m also really into local, responsible, and sustainable travel, and that’s typically how I like to travel.

I offset my flights with Planetair.ca (it’s not as expensive as you think!), am a member of Ecoclub, TIES, and MyNatour, and I highly recommend reading The Travel Word and checking out the Local Travel Movement. I strive to visit local businesses while I travel, and I work hard to ensure that I’m supporting the local economy while I travel. I’m a fierce advocate for sustainable tourism development and responsible travel, and my long-term career goals include working in these areas with development programmes.

Dubrovnik, Croatia — July 2010

Where I’ve Been

Austria / Bahamas / Barbados / Belgium / Bermuda (UK) / Canada (citizen and resident) / Cayman Island (UK) / Croatia / Cuba / Czech Republic / Ecuador / England (citizen, former, and future resident) / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Hong Kong (SAR) / Hungary / Iceland / Italy / Malaysia / Mexico / Monaco / Netherlands / Panama / Peru / Poland / Scotland / Spain / St. Lucia / Switzerland / USA / Wales

Where I REALLY Want To Go …and haven’t been yet

Antarctica / Argentina / Australia / Bhutan / Brazil / Canada – the rest of it (PEI, Nfld, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut) / Chile / Guatemala / Ireland / Japan / Jordan / Mongolia / Montenegro / Mozambique / New Zealand / Norway / Portugal / Russia / South Africa / Sweden / Tanzania / Thailand

Where I Went in 2012

Philadelphia / Atlanta-Naples Road Trip / Panama / Quebec City-Toronto Road Trip /
Chicago / London / Calgary-Vancouver Road Trip / Iceland

Where I’m Definitely Going in 2013

Naples, FL / Berlin / NYC / Copenhagen-Tallinn-St Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm / Maine

Where I’m Thinking About Going in 2013

Argentina / Chile / Brazil

One thought on “Where and How I Travel

  1. I really like the places where you have been, they are very nice, but would like you to include in your traveling agenda a visit to Santo Domingo island in the caribbean, I’m sure you will like it,,,and in case you ones come, just let me know and I can show you around as a national tour guide.


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